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Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners

Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners

Are these Forex traders on Instagram legit?

So I see a lot of people becoming “forex traders” and self promoting on Instagram a lot. I’m not the best at school either but these are the same guys who couldn’t add 1 + 1 in high school and are now suddenly making $100+ on the regular.
Are these guys even making money off forex or? Because I see they try to get you referred and then supposedly sell you the course and you repeat this same process with other people.
I’m not exactly sure what they do besides trade currency (if they even do) tbh but are these guys legit?
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What’s the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

For the past several months my instagram has been increasingly growing with people advertising forex trading. They all basically preach the same thing by saying “Escape the 9-5”, and “do you want to be financially free?”, etc. Surely this isn’t actually legit right? These people are even offering classes to teach you how to do it (you have to pay them of course). I don’t know the first thing about investing or trading, but I feel like those that actually know how to trade simply won’t just teach you in like 2 months for $200. Can somebody give some insight on this? It seems like such a scam and pyramid scheme to me but so many people are doing it I just wanna make sure.
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What the hell is with these Forex Traders on Instagram?

There advertisements do not stop coming up on my instagram. They have a very aggresive/in your face style of advertising like putting up pictures of stacks of cash, expensive sports cars and Rolex's. And they all seem to be young people under the age of 25. Surely you cannot make that level of Money from fx trading and if you could why are they advertising it. I know some dudes who do this in my city ( Ireland) and honestly they would have been classed as degenerates long before they got into Forex. What is the story with it?
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Legit Forex traders on Youtube?

Any legit forex traders you like to follow on youtube?
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SA's most celebrated Forex Trader on his ways of making millions

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What’s the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

I’m not super well rounded on trading but these accounts are clearly scams. Curious to know if anyone can shed any light on what it is? Surprised I’m not hearing more about this since everywhere I go on Instagram, these guys pop up.
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Anybody seen all these forex traders on Instagram??

Has anybody else noticed loads of accounts on Instagram popping up as people with trader in their name or something and loads of posts of them travelling the world and things like "join my team and start earning up to 10k a month trading with me"
They all seems quite young and theres quite a few out there, just wondering if anyone knew what they deal was? Are they all working together as they're all quite similar in the way they post?
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Forex trader on FB, are his claims fishy?

So I was browsing facebook when I come upon a post commented on by a friend. The trader claimed that he, "Officially locked that 20k in this account 15k profit from $5,100 in less then a week." and then proceeds to promote his website. The comments were filled solely with positive comments, no real critical perspectives. Also he claimed that he was leveraged 500:1. Are his claims fishy? I uploaded his trade sheet for references. I would really like to know if his claims are complete horseshit or not. Based on accounts of Forex being difficult to make money on, I am immediately suspicious. I would really like to hear someone who is more knowledgeable lay a critical, unbiased eye on his claims. http://imgur.com/XYkoaJ2
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Any forex trader on Freenode IRC Chatroom

Hey guys, was wondering if any of you fx traders are on irc. I am on #FXTrader on irc freenode. if there is any channels related to fx do share. Hope you guys pop by
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Question on TP and SL strategy

I have a question for the more experienced forex traders on here. When you find a setup and enter a trade, do you set your stop loss and take profit, and just wait for for the first one to hit? Or do you constantly or periodically monitor your position and exit when it seems the market is turning against your position?
I see the benefit in both - on one hand, letting your trade ride to the stop loss or take profit would eliminate emotional trading and exiting too soon. On the other hand, being more flexible with your exits could prevent some of your winners from turning into losers, and could allow you to ride the winners longer.
Im new to forex, (only been learning for a couple months) so it would be great to hear your thoughts!
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How do I report this scam?

Hey guys,
New to Reddit. Not sure if I'm in the right forum .. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to report individuals who claim to be forex traders on Instagram but just run off with your money? It's not one of those fake profiles that are so prevalent on Instagram; but it's an actual person (@kylegowens). Claimed he'd be able to teach me Forex if I paid him about $1k in advance and so I did. We hopped on a Skype call shortly after to get to know each other & that was it. Never again reached out to me or replied to my constant DMs on Instagram. He then proceeded to block me on Instagram. Is there anyway I can report this and somehow get my money back? This happened almost 2 years ago. For a while I just let it be & accepted that I got scammed. But now I wonder if there is a possibility that I can still get my money back and report this fraud?
Any help is appreciated thank you.
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Why do forex traders try to recruit people?

I'm sure everyone sees a lot of Forex traders on social media (especially IG and Twitter), marketing forex trading and trying to get people to join them. Why do they do that? I can't imagine it's a pyramid scheme because how would that even work with forex trading? But yeah... just curious as to why they spend so much time trying to get people to join them.
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04-22 18:44 - 'Legitimate Bitcoin Investing' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/rhatzilbrou removed from /r/Bitcoin within 59-69min

I’ve been considering investing in Bitcoin in create a new stream of revenue. Truthfully, I don’t have time to learn the signals and watch them, so I’ve considered using a broker.
I just connected with a Forex Trader on Facebook. This is the information he sent me.
💵Invest $500 earn $3,500.00 💵Invest $1000 Earn $7,000.00 💵Invest $2000 Earn $14,000.00 💵Invest $3000 Earn $21,000.00 💵Invest $4000 Earn $28,000.00 💵Invest $5000 Earn $35,000.00 💵Invest $7000 Earn $49,000.00 💵Invest $10000 Earn $70, 000.00 💵Invest $15000 Earn $105,000.00 💵Invest $20000 Earn $140,000.00
He’s also sent “Withdrawal Proof”.
I’m turned to Reddit for advice because I don’t want to be naive with the situation. I’m sure there’s plenty of legit brokers that might be interested in providing my transparency.
EDIT: Yes, I recognize this is a scam. The purpose of the post served two purposes: it was to verify I was not mistaken before I filed a report and to determine what resources are available for novice investors.
Legitimate Bitcoin Investing
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Does everyone who trades forex use margin?

Newb here, don’t really know too much about forex trading but I have been dabbling in stock/options trading. My question is, for a beginner is it absolutely necessary to use margin to make reasonable returns? I watched one of Anton Kreil’s speeches and he mentioned that forex traders on average get 100:1 leverage. Is this because the price doesn’t fluctuate as much? Seems very crazy to me that traders could get 100:1 margin for forex unless the price moves so little that the chances of wiping out all the money is low. Can anyone give me some insight into this? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.
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What can I do to become a better forex trader. I’m coming up on a year in a couple of months. I feel great about everything. But where should I turn to become a better trader? What can I read? Please leave a comment.

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What's the story with all these forex traders/scammers on Instagram?

Any young people (or anyone else at all, I got roped into this when I was a naive 21 year old) on here heed my warning when I say avoid these people. They are making zero money from their trades and majority of their money is generated by trying to get suckers like you & me to sign up and deposit money that we will eventually lose.
Think about it if they were really so good at investing and their returns were as good as they promise why the FUCK would they waste their time trying to teach someone else to do it and potentially ruin their trading strategy by loads of people adopting it?
These people are con artists/marketers and they only make money from you, not from trades.
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I am a forex trader I want to stream live on Reddit but no enough karma, plz help I really appreciate you

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Trader On Chart - Mt4 App To Make Forex Trading Easier

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Unathi Kwaza RT from Johan Troskie: Forex traders are another breed, when I reminded him that I really don’t wish to discuss investments at 23:30 on o a Friday eve after 3 glasses of wine, because he was to lazy to work out the time zones, I’m told I’m aggressive.

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Am I on the right way - is always a worthy question. #gambling #tradeplan #newrelease #forex #trader #traderpulse

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Forex accounts blown - forex accounts getting blown - forex brokers making money on traders part 1 🤯🤯😰😰😭😭

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Warren Buffett on Forex, Trading and Leverage - YouTube

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