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Looking to get into algorithmic trading, need some help with markets/finance

Hey how's it going everyone.
I'm looking to get into algorithmic trading and was wondering what a good way to start was. I've checked out quantstart for example but it seems extensive. A bit about my background first, I have a BS in EE CS from a top UC school and I also work as an software engineering intern right now at a well known Fintech company. My backgrounds pretty heavy in CS + EE and mathematics as well and I'm excited to apply my skills towards trading and algorithms where I can also use my software development skills. I also have an offer for a winter internship as a quant dev/analyst a small fund on wallstreet. I'm also deciding on an MFE/CS/applied econ math program next fall or spring as deadlines are coming up.
Desire: I would like to understand more about algorithmic trading platforms and of course to begin trading, I'd like to learn how to apply my background in ML to markets as well but my main goal is starting slow. I want to do this before my internship begins. I've also began using robinhood and it's alot of fun, I'd love to play around with their api.
My questions:
1) My main questions pertains towards the finance side. I don't have trading experience and would like to learn within the next three months. I'd like to learn more about backtesting and begin simulated algorithmic trading with fictitious money before moving on to actual money. Any tips on this?
2) What platform should I look into to learn more about trading, I'm thinking about equities first and then looking into something like forex or even crypto. Unless a better suggestion you have in mind. I'm mainly interested in commission free and no fees, if that even exists. I know robinhood does this but is there a desktop based platform?
3) I'm curious about the inner working of algorithmic trading. Are most people using just an autonomous algorithm they run that connects to an exchange/broker? Or are most people building their own exchanges and testing on both?
4)If there's any good articles or guides/videos you've seen that are applicable that would be great.
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Whether you are a complete beginner to quantitative finance or have been trading for years, QuantStart will help you achieve consistent profitability with algorithmic trading techniques. Learn More. Latest Articles View All. QuantStart News - August 2020. QSTrader: Documentation Released. Sigma Algebras and Probability Spaces . Training the Perceptron with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow ... Quantstart back testing forex May 21, 2019 As an anecdote, in the fund I used to be employed at, we had a 10 minute "trading loop" where we would download new market data every 10 minutes and then execute trades based on that information in the same time frame. This was using an optimised Python script. For anything approaching minute- or second-frequency data, I believe C/C++ would be more ideal. All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. Quantopian makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the views expressed in the website. The views are subject to change, and may have become unreliable for various reasons, including changes in market conditions or economic circumstances. I started as a discretionary trader in October 2015 trading the forex market where I lost money. I then moved to penny stocks where I lost some more and finally moved into the futures market. While trading futures I discovered quant trading then finally became profitable. Everything changed from that point. I now code, test and validate every signal before I trade it. When I was trading ... The wait is over!! As we become comfortable with the concept of Work from Home and use of video conferencing technology, Edroit and QuantArt are launching an online version of Advanced Forex & Interest Rates Hedging and Risk Management certification program. The program starts from 27th August, every Thursday 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Forex Trading Diary #6 - Multi-Day Trading and Plotting Results Forex Trading Diary #7 - New Backtest Interface ARIMA+GARCH Trading Strategy on the S&P500 Stock Market Index Using R

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